Fiero 35th – Model Car Concours


Got a Fiero model kit you built? A rare collectible Fiero toy, or a diorama with a Fiero garage? Have we got a deal for you! We will be having a Model Car Concours contest at the 35th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Pontiac Fiero event taking place August 8-12, 2018. Classes will include Stock for kits built mostly stock, Modified for kits built with substantial modifications from stock, Diorama for any display containing a Fiero or Fiero parts, Promotional/Collectible for preassembled Fiero toys (judged on condition, presentation and completeness) and Scratchbuilt for Fiero models built without kit parts or drastically modified kits or toys. Each class will be divided into Junior (under age 16) and Senior (age 16 years and older).

Driving your Fiero to the 35th Anniversary event and have a little extra room? Bring along a model car entry. Not driving a Fiero to the 35th but want to compete in a Concours anyway? Definitely bring along a model car entry. To pre-register, email with your interest, or you can register when you arrive at the event. Pre-registration is not required. It just helps the organizers plan the event. Complete Model Car Concours Rules will be available soon at There’s still time to dust off that old toy, finally built that kit, or build that diorama you’ve been planning to for years.


Tom’s Corner – The 35th Countdown!

As we approach the home stretch in preparing for the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the introduction of the Pontiac Fiero, it is very important that the Fiero community come together to make this event a HUGE success. Many hours of planning and meetings so far has resulted in a full schedule of events for all Fiero owners to enjoy at the Embassy Suites in East Peoria Illinois from August 8th through the 12th 2018. To execute these plans and it will take continued effort by many volunteers. As supporters of the Midwest Fiero Clubs, a non geographical region of the AACA, we can help accomplish this by getting involved with both our time and sponsorship—that’s right—sponsorship!!

Have you thought about personally sponsoring a class, or working with your business/employer or club? There are several businesses that stepped up to sponsor the Fiero 35th, but we still have additional sponsorship opportunities available. Perhaps each Fiero club across the country could do this or the individual members would like to be a part of this. The satisfaction of knowing you are a part of this event will be self-evident. For more information on how you can make a difference and how sponsorship can help your business, contact Mike Kroyer at: . If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities available at the Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration email .

I am proud to announce that Tom Schmidt Motorsports (supported by Advance Auto Air, Inc) will be a Class Sponsor at the Fiero 35th! Advance Auto Air has over 40 years of experience in automotive air conditioning on all types of cars from local repairs to exotics and classics.

advance auto air

Look forward to seeing everyone in August!