Tom’s Corner – Wisconsin Fiero Fanatics have fun and success at Fierorama 2017


The Wisconsin Fiero Fanatics came away with multiple Class Winners and Best in Class Winners as well as a Best Stock Fiero at this years’ 2017 Fierorama show in St. Charles, Illinois on September 10th! There were 82 Fieros from 11 states and Canada in several classes to compete for the very unique awards that the Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts came up with. This year’s theme was ‘Deuces are Wild’ and there were many prizes handed out based on that theme. Gregg and Maggie Dauterman, Wayne Kitzerow, Sheila Vivi, Derrick Zimny, Tom Schmidt, and Chris Lewis were winners in their respective categories.

The program started out on Friday night with a cruise to Wasco Illinois for the BGV Motorsports cruise which attracted many spectators and a wide variety of vehicles. Then on Saturday morning there was a Chrome and Coffee event presented by the Iron Gate Motor Condos in Naperville, Illinois which attracted many very high-end exotic, muscle, and classic cars. That afternoon, there was a cruise to the Frank Lloyd Wright Muirhead farm house in Hampshire Illinois for a private tour. As 6:00 PM rolled around, it was time for all the participants in this years’ Fierorama to gather at the host hotel for the traditional pizza party and more awards were handed out to the winners of the ‘Deuces Wild’ Poker cruise. The more events you participated in the better your hand may be because you were handed a Fiero playing card at each event.

The show itself was held on a gorgeous Saturday with temperatures in the mid-seventies. The show started at noon and the Fieros who came in for one day only were registered and placed on the show field in their respective classes. There were so many fine examples of stock and non-stock Fieros it was hard to make a choice on who to vote for since this was a people’s choice show not a judged show. Around 5:00PM, the show wrapped up after the awards were presented and the contestants stayed for the ‘after glow’ dinner in St. Charles Illinois before heading home or staying over that night. A very unique Fiero, a 2+2 silver fast back was brought to this show by new owners Jeff Jones and Fred Bartemeyer Jr. A tech session was held by  to explain how this car came into existence. This was the largest Midwest Fiero Clubs gathering this year with over 82 cars from around the country.

Our hats off to all the clubs on this years’ Midwest Fiero Clubs for providing our members with some very exciting shows and we look forward to 2018 when the 35th anniversary show will be included in the MWFC show schedule. This will be held in August at the Embassy Suites in East Peoria Illinois and all the information can be found at .


Derrick Zimny Best in Show Stock 2017 Fierorama

Derrick Zimny Best in Show Stock 2017 Fierorama


Tom’s Corner – At the 2017 Dells Run

tomscorner     The annual Dells Run took place June 1st through June 4th and by all estimates, it was another rousing success! Over 60 Fieros took part and one out of every two went home a class winner. This years’ theme was “Class of 2017” and to promote it, the awards were unique. No other car club has done this before, so last winter Tom Podjiemski, aka ‘The Prezzzz, came up with the idea of having a Class ring instead of a normal trophy. It was a closely guarded secret until the awards were presented on Sunday June 4th. The itinerary was revealed ahead of time on the Fiero Fanatics Facebook page so all those attending the show could plan accordingly as to what activities they wanted to do while they were here.
Here’s a run-down on some of them: On Thursday June first for all of the early arrivals and check-ins, there was a 3:30 PM depart to a 5-star restaurant on Mirror Lake near the Wisconsin Dells called Ishnala. We had seating overlooking the Mirror Lake on a beautiful afternoon with first class dining. After which we cruised over to Wisconsin Dells at Pirate’s Cove to divide up the members into teams to play “Goofy Golf “. The whole idea of this was to play a 9-hole miniature golf course in the most ridiculous way possible such as left-handed clubs, miniature clubs, blind sun glasses etc. and the winning team would get a special trophy at the awards ceremony. The weather cooperated nicely for this event and we proceeded back to the host hotel Chula Vista for some needed relaxation and to check out the cars arriving for the show. Friday was an early breakfast with the Prezzz or a later one with the Illinois chapter (N.I.F.E.) at Mr. Pancake House restaurant. Then at 12:00 PM the members who wanted to go went on a very scenic cruise hosted by Gregg and Maggie Dauterman on some rustic roads to an 1842 historic museum near Portage Wisconsin. This tour took all afternoon and when we returned we immediately proceeded to the Tavern Restaurant for a Friday night fish fry. The registration room at the host hotel was open at 8:00PM for members to register for the Saturday show and receive their goodie bags which were filled with lots of car related products. At 9:30 PM the Midwest Fiero Clubs held an informal meeting to up-date the chapter reps on the up-coming 35th anniversary show in East Peoria Illinois with an August 1st announcement on social media to all interested owners with the latest information.
Saturday June 3rd those who did not register for the show were able to do so between 9:00 and 11:00 AM in the registration room or on the show field. The show itself was held from 11:00 to 4:00 PM at which time the famous Dells Run was started and a caravan of over 40 Fieros headed on the cruise to down town Wisconsin Dells. The weather was fantastic to say the least and lots of spectators came out to see the cars. There was a gathering of members to cruise over to the Rivers Edge Pub for dinner that evening. And if that wasn’t enough to exhaust you the Minnesota chapter held their infamous ‘’Circle of Shame” in three different locations at the host hotel. Everyone was invited over to share stories and party until 1:00 AM!! A lot of great stories were bandied about and the ‘refreshments’ were first class.
On Sunday June 4th everyone gathered in the conference room at 9:00 AM for the awards presentation and trophies. Following this, the class winners were gathered for a group picture which will be in an upcoming Fiero Focus Magazine.
As usual, the Prezzzz is to be commended for putting on a fabulous show and lots of volunteers were responsible for everything running as smooth as it did. The contract for the next three years are already being finalized and the hope is that the Fiero community will add new members to join the existing ones in participating in the next Dells Run and theme for next years’ event will be RED/White/and BLUE and whatever wild ideas he will come up with is anyone’s guess. His motto has always been “you are here to have FUN !!” This year was no exeption.

Minnesota Fieros Forever 2015 Fall Cruise

MFF enjoyed a beautiful fall day *cruising* through some of Wisconsin’s best “Alphabet Roads”, visiting the Nelson Creamery for lunch, Elmer’s Auto Museum, and then dining in Winona before a “leisurely” return trip.

Anyone want to go do it again?!

20th Annual Fierorama Weekend

Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts celebrated the 20th Annual Fierorama weekend in September. It was a fun weekend that saw over 73 Fieros take part in 3 days of fun.

The weather held off on Friday as a dozen or so Fieros cruised from the host hotel in St. Charles IL to a cruise night at The Lodge in nearby Wasco IL. Everyone enjoyed checking out the Fieros, and we enjoyed some good food. Congratulations to Robert Vogt from Greenville IL who won the Sponsors Award for the evening.

Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. In the morning we all gathered at the host hotel and cruised to a Cars and Coffee event at the IronGate Motor Condos in Naperville IL. The Motor Condos are still under construction, but their events are already attracting an eclectic mix of cars. After grabbing some coffee and donuts and showing off our Fieros, many of us stopped for lunch at a nearby Sonic Drive in where we filled up the parking lot.

After lunch we met once again at the host hotel and cruised thru the woods to the Air Classics Museum in Sugar Grove IL. The museum has a number of planes from different eras of flight as well as a large collection of aviation artifacts.

Saturday night it was time for the traditional Fierorama dinner at Gino’s East Pizza. After filling up, many people headed back to the host hotel lobby to continue good conversations.

Sunday was the big day. The 20th Annual Fierorama. A huge congrats to Jim Hallman who has overseen them all. The weather turned out perfect and the show was well attended. One of the fun features was a game sorting all the dash plaques for the previous 19 Fieroramas. Ray Dyerson was given a special award as the only person besides NIFE officers to have registered for all 20 Fieroramas. Congratulations to Scott Campbell and Nick DiMonte who won Best Modified and Best Stock respectively. We are looking forward to another 20 Jim, see everyone Sept 9th-11th 2016 for Fierorama 21!.

The Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show 2015

The 2015 Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show was another great one. Everyone who has been to at least one Shipman show, knows its much more then just a car show. Many have characterized it as more a family reunion then a car show. This was my fourth one and its already on my calendar for 2016.

I arrived on Thursday as I have in the past. As soon as I got there Carter took me for a spin in his latest project car (a Vega with a lot of potential). I like getting there early as its more relaxed and gives me more time to set up camp. Although this year I was privileged to get to stay in Cousin Eddie’s Camper (thanks Jay and Nellie). It was a great evening for a drive out to Zorbaz on the lake for a good dinner and a show (the show being a guy driving by launching a jet ski off a trailer).

Thursday Fun:

Its always a good time greeting the Friday caravan as they arrive at Camp Shipman, then its time for a feast. A large crowd of folks in town for the show and locals descend on Camp Shipman for a great meal. No one left Hungry. A nice bonfire and conversation was the perfect end to another great day at Camp Shipman.

Friday Fun:

Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. The show itself is in Downtown Frazee coinciding with their annual Turkey Days festival. The show was well attended by both Fieros and a range of hot rods and trucks. After the show it was back to Camp Shipman for the first ever Camp Shipman Hay Ride. We rode behind Jay’s antique Oliver tractor thru the countryside spotting deer and swapping stories. Then it was back to Camp Shipman for another outstanding meal. After dinner it was movie time as we watched Spaceballs on an outside screen. Somehow we also managed to fit in a game of Cards Against Humanity and more conversation around the bonfire.

Saturday Fun:

It was sad leaving Sunday saying goodbye to my Frazee family. I missed the parade this year, but many Fieros took part in the Turkey Days parade and I am sure more fun was had back at Camp Shipman.

2015 Dells Run

As always the Dells Run provided four days of fun the weekend after Memorial Day!

On Thursday it was great catching up with many friends I had not seen since the previous summer. It was a lovely evening for a nice cruise and stop for dinner

Friday was a fun and busy day, starting with breakfast at Stuffs, then a trip to Baraboo Wisconsin for a private tour of the Ringling House and historic theater. The evening was capped off with a nice dinner followed by socializing at the Chula Vista Resort.

Saturday is show day at the Dells Run. Unfortunately most of the day was spent dodging rain drops. The rain did finally clear and a great show was had. Sunday morning it was time for awards and then goodbyes. The long weekend always goes too fast.

Michigan Fiero Club Fall Cruise 2013

Despite the rain, this years annual Color Cruise was a great success. The colors were beautiful, the drive was fun and the company was great! Be sure to check out the pictures!

Minnesota Fieros Forever Show and Shine 2014

Thanks everyone for coming out to Wagner’s on Saturday for our little gathering. Even with the change of date and happening during Car Craft Summer Nations we had a total of 12 Fieros that came & went. Always nice to see some old faces, as well as to meet some new ones (not sure how Woody escaped without me grabbing some pics of his engine swap).

Pete Grosz, Wayne Hudson, Chris Kliewer, Kevin Lindeman, Lisa Lindeman, Nick Laffen, Anita Krueger Laffen, Jon Coan, Stephanie Coan, Peggy Jarzynski, even Eric Hinnenkamp made an appearance!

The sudden, but brief downpour about 1pm scatter all except the toughest… who then left for Car Craft Summer Nationals 2014 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds! :-)

2015 Heartland Fieros Show

The Heartland Fieros 12th Car Show was held the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The weather was great and so was the turnout. The Heartland show is unique on the MFC Show Circuit in that it is the only Points Judged show. I enjoy bringing my Fiero every year and competing against myself to see if I can exceed last years score. Its also unique in that its the best chance to see a collection of rare GM Prototype and Pilot cars maintained by Heartland Chairman Fred Bartemeyer and Ed York.

After awards and a quick trip back to the Hotel to freshen up, it was off to Fred’s house for the best backyard BBQ of the year. As if the great food and yard full of Fieros and friends were not enough, Mary Bartermeyer arranged for rides in her’s and another Model T. I was lucky enough to ride in both and witness Fred giving 15 year old Carter Shipman a lesson in how to drive one. Keep an eye out on the 2016 calendar for this show, its always a fun one.