Great Moments in General Motors Railroading

In the 1930’s and 1940’s General motors was one of the main players in the manufacturing of locomotives. They were good at it too. They were so go that they were one of the driving forces that caused the United States to switch from steam to diesel locomotives.


Chevrolet-Vert-A-Pac-1-720x340In the Early 70’s  in order to hold the cost down on the Chevy Vega, GM invented rail cars with sides that folded down like ramps. The Vegas were driven on, secured and, then the ramps were folded up and the car was transported on it’s nose! The original factory battery for the Vega had the fill caps on the top, back edge so when the car was stood up the battery acid would not leak out!



BN3_CBQ9911-Rcraig1The next great moment on GM railroading occurs this September 7th through the 9th, 2018 as the Illinois Fiero Enthusiast club hosts; Fierorama catches the Fiero train!
There are events planned all weekend long. Friday night we will head for a cruise night in Wasco, Illinois.
Saturday we will tour the Illinois Railway museum. This is one of the country’s finest rail museums and you will have an opportunity so see a number of locomotives built by General Motor’s EMD division like these two Burlington and Northern locomotives. You will have the opportunity to ride the rails as well as IRM normally has at least two trains operating each day on two different routs. After the museum visit we will return to the host hotel for the world famous Northern Illinois Fiero pizza party!


DSC_0065On Sunday will be the 23rd annual Fierorama show. It’s the last stop on the Midwest Fiero Club’s yearly show circuit. The show takes place at Pottawatomie Park in St. Charles, IL along the wooded banks of the Fox River.
Along with the other activities that take place that day we will be looking for the best display that features a train theme!



IMG_20180724_103151870_HDRGet working on this now! figure out how to display your Fiero with trains worked into the display!

Also revel in the fact that your Fiero was never stuffed into a railcar while standing on it’s nose!

For more information visit Fiero Focus.

John Callies Returns

At the Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA we’re busy putting together a list of Fiero celebrity guest speakers for the the Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration sponsored by Blacktop Racing. Reprising his appearance at the Fiero 30th Anniversary Celebration is John Callies. John is a 20 year veteran with General Motors in the Pontiac Division. The last 15 years he headed up Pontiac Motorsports Engineering.

John 30th

John Callies speaking at the Fiero 30th Anniversary Celebration in Indianapolis, Indiana.

John spoke to us at the 30th anniversary and shared with us his build in progress, the Che’Pon P557. The car was later finished and even managed to sneak into a Midwestern Fiero show! The car is an absolutely stunning work of art.

This year John Callies will be joined by John J Paskvan a Pontiac engineer instrumental in the development of he Fiero. We are working on adding more guests to the discussion and we will announce more names as soon as we can.

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Fiero 35th Anniversary VIP Treatment

The Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration sponsored by Blacktop Racing will be cruising to Pontiac, Illinois. This will happen on Friday, August 10th 2018. There are many museums there. The Route 66  Museum, the Pontiac Military Museum and, the Wall Dog Museum are places you’ll want to visit.

Fiero 35th Anniversary Museum MemorabiliaThe star attraction will of course be the Pontiac Oakland Museum. The museum has a large collection of automobiles. There is even an example of the 1893 Pontiac horse drawn buggy that started it all. Eighty percent of the cars on display are rotated on a regular basis.

The museum is also home to huge memorabilia collection. As part of that collection they have over 3500 unique one quart oil cans. The museum’s resource library has many thousands of Pontiac-Oakland books, literature and, service manuals. Curator and, founder Tim Dye has committed to being in town that day. He will be offering behind the scenes tours of the shops and, other areas not normally open to the public.

There is no admission feeFiero 35th Anniversary Museum Library for any of these museums. Since the museums survive on visitor donations, a five dollar donation is suggested as a thank you for the Pontiac Museum’s behind the Scenes tour.

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To learn more about the Midwest Fiero Clubs and the Fiero 35th Anniversary please visit:

Register now for the 24th Annual Fieros at Carlisle!

by Joe Aponick, MAFOA Asst. Activities Director

It’s not too late to get your pre-registration in for the 24th Annual Fieros at Carlisle by visiting by May 15. After May 15, please register directly with Carlisle Productions at and list MAFOA as your official club to help us win this year’s Club Challenge! More on that below.

News from Carlisle Productions, the Rebody class that was introduced last year brought in several interesting entries and will remain this year. However, the Factory Stock and Daily Driver classes have been eliminated. MAFOA, however, will offer awards in both of those categories. Another important change is the location on the showfield where our Fiero’s are located. We will be moving a few rows north, away from the muddy spots we have encountered in the past.
Car clubs are again competing to see who will be the largest at the show. MAFOA was #2 last year with 59 registrations out of the 76 Fieros at the show. We can and will do better. With your help, Fieros Rule!
This year’s show will once again feature tech sessions, raffles and lots of Fiero camraderie. We also plan to have events to help prep our attendees for the Black Top Racing Presents 35th Anniversary of the Production of the Fiero Show, hosted by the the Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA, of which MAFOA is a member club.
Chevrolet will have a strong presence at the show and will be located on the midway with a cool display all three days of event weekend. You can check out the latest cars and concepts from Chevrolet, chat with the experts and so much more. Engineers direct from Chevrolet will be present at their tent for questions from you.
There will be several special displays to take advantage of. The second generation Chevelle will be featured, especially the SS 396, well known as being a much sought-after muscle car. The Chevy Impala will be honored with a celebration of 60 years as one of Chevrolet’s best-selling models. Also the LS engine will be marking 20 years since it debuted and will be showcased. We’d love to see one in a Fiero!

Last but not least, the Chevy Nationals will celebrate 100 years of Chevrolet Trucks. Hitting the truck market in 1918, Chevrolet introduced the Four-Ninety truck to the masses after using them internally for a couple of years. Priced at $595, the truck provided the market an economic light-delivery truck that many small businesses started picking up after World War I.

Following the awards ceremony and raffle, we’ll once again head over to Hoss’ for our post-show dinner and conversation. Last year’s event was one of hilarity and I am sure that this year’s will feature more of the same.

With all that Fiero action and special displays and events, this is one show that you do not want to miss. See you at Carlisle, sign up now and remember to list MAFOA as your official club!

Originally appeared in the New England Fiero Association / Mid Atlantic Fiero Owners Association publication Fiero Pride

Fiero 35th – Thursday Dinner Cruise

The Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration presented by Blacktop Racing has 4 days of fun scheduled August 9th-12th, 2018. Local Fiero owner Garry Kay has arranged for something special for Thursday evening. Please join us as we depart from our host hotel at 4:00 PM to drive along the lovely Grandview Drive. The drive runs along the Illinois River bluffs. We will take in the scenic sites and provide several photo opportunities for owners to capture their Fieros against a beautiful backdrop. Just how nice is Grandview Drive? President Theodore Roosevelt referred to it as “the world’s most beautiful drive” during a 1910 visit to Peoria.

Grandview Drive, Peoria

Grandview Drive, Peoria

The cruise will take us 30 miles on a 45 minute drive to “The 50s Diner” at the Metro Center (Peoria) where we will meet up with local car club the Central Illinois Cruisers for a joint cruise night. The “Cruisers” are incorporated as a non-profit organization and believe in bringing together people and families who enjoy classic cars, having as much fun as possible, and giving back to the community! The 50s Diner (where Breakfast and Sarcasm are served all day) and Metro Center will have a parking area specifically reserved for our Fieros. What better way to kick off your first full day of celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Pontiac Fiero than with food, fun and Fieros?


Register now for Blacktop Racing presents the 35th Anniversary Fiero Celebration at

When in Peoria do as the Peorians do


Not sure what to do while at the Black Top Racing Presents the Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration? There are a lot of restaurants in walking distance even a couple you could crawl to!  There is a Bass Pro store within walking distance as well!

Beyond the scheduled events there are many other attractions you might want to make time for as well.

The time of year will be perfect for a stroll through the Luthy Botanical Garden or a visit to the Peoria Zoo. Another destination worth making time for would be the Peoria Riverfront Museum,

Of course while in Peoria don’t forget to make time for the biggest Fiero show of the year!

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Dells Run 2018 Registration is Open!

Spring is just around the corner, and we all know that means. Time to register for the Dells Run. You don’t want to miss seeing what the Prezzzzzz Tom has in store for this year!

Dells Run 2018 Registration

Dells Run 2018 Registration

Don’t Yell Fire In A Crowded Car Show

Fire Extinguisher

All right, apologies for yet another bad Fiero fire joke. However, while we’re on the subject there’s something new for the Black Top Racing Presents the Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration. If you have not heard Midwest Fiero Clubs is now a Non-Geographical Region under the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA).

This is a tremendous opportunity that is bringing new found respect and attention to the Fiero from the antique automobile community.

The AACA will be insuring the 35th and as a result there is one requirement. All gasoline powered cars on the show field must have a fire extinguisher displayed horizontally in front of the left side front tire. This has been standard at all AACA shows for years and having a fire extinguisher on hand just makes good sense.

It need not be fancy. An inexpensive 2 & 1/2 Lb. Type ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher that can be found at Walmart, your favorite hardware store or Amazon is just perfect.  Remember the one behind your seat doesn’t count nor, does the one in your frunk. (front trunk). It must be on the ground in front of your left front tire. Cars without a fire extinguisher displayed this way will be asked to leave the show field.

The only exception to this rule is for go karts. The go karts are only required to have one fire extinguisher for the display area. MWFC will supply that extinguisher.

The MWFC will have a small number of fire extinguishers for sale at the show just in case you forget but, the best course of action would be to have one before you get there.

Register your Fiero now at

Everybody Loves SWAG!


Everyone loves SWAG (Stuff We All Get). If you were wondering what you can get out of the Black Top Racing Presents the Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration it starts with registration, just for registering you’re going to get the 35th anniversary OEM style nose badge and laser cut stainless steel key fob. That alone makes the registration worth the price!

But wait! There’s more! When you stop by show registration you’ll get your goody bag. Anyone who registers at the host hotel will get a FREE breakfast buffet! This isn’t the typical hotel day old donuts. This is a HUGE buffet with eggs, meat, potatoes, fruit, omelets made to order and more! The only thing that could possibly be better than a free breakfast would be the FREE evening reception with free drinks and appetizers. (Sorry alcohol served only to those of legal age)

Those who participate In Friday’s Fieros on Route 66 Cruise will get a free static cling window sticker that declares “I drove my Fiero on Route 66”. Once we arrive in Pontiac Illinois the city of Pontiac will have another goody bag for you. Among other things it will include a badge that entitles you to discounts in many of the local shops and eateries. Once in Pontiac you’ll no doubt want to visit the many FREE museums!

There will no doubt be many more goodies that we can talk about as we get closer to show time!

Register now at

Front Fascia badge

Front Fascia badge

Key Fob

Key Fob

Note to Self: You Are Busy August 9-12, 2018!

By Jennifer Goss, Jim Hallman & Fred Bartemeyer, Jr, MWFC Members

Plans and arrangements for the 35th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Pontiac Fiero are currently underway. The goal of the event organizers is to attract as many Pontiac Fiero owners as possible to bring themselves, and hopefully their Fiero(s), to East Peoria, IL to take part in the celebration. The event will take place August 9-12, 2018 and will include a very wide range of activities such as parking lot tailgate parties and weigh-ins to a cruise from East Peoria, IL to Pontiac, IL along Route 66 called “Fieros on Route 66”. The highly anticipated Fiero car show will take place on Saturday, August 11, 2018. These are only some of the events already planned. Be sure to mark your calendars and make your reservations today. You can register and learn more about the event by visiting Black Top Racing ( is the event’s Sponsor.

A Historical Summary of the Anniversary Events

In 2003, the Michigan Fiero Club and Classic Fiero Owners Group International (CFOG-i) hosted the 20th Anniversary Event in Pontiac, MI. This first event was the largest gathering of Pontiac Fieros to ever come together in the history of Fiero shows with an attendance of over 600 Fieros. This 20th Anniversary Event also exclusively featured the nine prototype Fieros brought to the show by the GM Heritage Collection. This was the first time that all of the remaining GM Fieros were shown at the same venue including the first public showing of the illusive 1990 Fiero GT concept car. The event also included a track day at Waterford Race Course and drag racing at Milan Dragway. To finish off the event, guest speakers Hulki Aldikacti (commonly known as the father of the Fiero), Don Parkinson and John Callies gave presentations on their involvement with the production of the Fiero.

In 2008, the Michigan Fiero Club hosted the 25th Anniversary Event. This edition was a near repeat/mirror image of the 20th Anniversary Event in the way the show was organized. The Fiero show itself featured nearly 400 Fieros. Once again, the nine GM prototype Fieros made their appearance. Little did we know that this was the last time that all nine cars would be shown together as GM Heritage Collection assets. As you may recall, in 2009 five of them would go on the auction block to be sold. An exclusive tour of the GM Heritage Center also took place the day before the show and allowed Fiero owners to see a very special collection of GM prototypes and unreleased vehicles that are often unavailable for viewing to the general public. The 25th Anniversary Event included several social events that allowed Fiero owners to interact on the streets of Pontiac, MI. The highlight of the event was the large culmination of guest speakers present at the awards banquet. Special guests included Hulki Aldikacti, John Callies, Alex Mair, Jon Albert and Gary Witzenburg.

In 2013, the Midwest Fiero Clubs hosted the 30th Anniversary Event. This event featured a change of venue to Indianapolis, IN. Over 260 Fieros turned out to celebrate the 30 years since the introduction of the Fiero and many enthusiasts, both with and without their cars, attended to participate in the festivities. John Callies made his third anniversary event trip and regalled the crowd with additional stories of his time on the Fiero project, made even more special by his role in the Indy Pace Car program and engineering. In fact, over 165 Fieros took the opportunity during the anniversary weekend to take two laps around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track and get their pictures taken on the track; it was a sight to see!

A Historical Summary of the Midwest Fiero Clubs

So, just who is this group called the Midwest Fiero Clubs (MWFC) who is hosting the 35th Anniversary Event? In 2004, the MWFC was formed as a result of many of the club representatives from the active Fiero clubs in the upper Midwest assembling at a meeting in the Chicago area. The meeting agenda centered mainly around what the Fiero clubs could do to combine efforts to promote the Fiero community as a whole and provide activities that would attract and enhance the experience that Fiero owners would participate in at the various club events throughout the Midwest. Discussion also involved future plans of expanding the concept of each club helping other clubs in other regions of the country by supporting their events outside of the general Midwest area. Another point discussed was if there was a way that we could revive the old structure of the former defunct national club and possibly sponsor national events that would attract Fiero owners from abroad. Each year the Midwest Fiero Clubs has created a promotional campaign to enhance the events and shows of the participating clubs.

As many in the Fiero community may already be aware, on April 30, 2016, the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) graciously granted the Midwest Fiero Clubs (MWFC) a charter to make their association of clubs an official Non-Geographical Region of this prestigious international organization. As a result, the Pontiac Fiero nameplate is now recognized in this international organization that has 60,000 plus members, 400 Regions and Chapters in all 50 states, and more than 50 countries. The AACA’s purpose is the perpetuation of the pioneering days of automobiling by furthering the interest in and preservation of antique automobiles and the promotion of sportsmanship and good fellowship among all AACA members.

As a result of this charter, MWFC transitioned to a more formal club structure with operating bylaws and an oath to the AACA to conduct itself within the expectations of the national policies and procedures; however, the current purpose of the MWFC remains the same as it has since 2004: A dedicated group of enthusiasts whose passion is to promote and preserve the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiero community.

The MWFC goal is to promote the clubs, events, people, history and preservation relating to the Pontiac Fiero. After becoming an AACA Region, MWFC has continued to operate as its own separate entity within the Fiero community and offers the same support as it has done for the past 12 years. As a result of their regional status, the MWFC is now exposed to the vast resources of the entire automobile hobby. Since the youngest Fiero is now 30 years old, our cars have crossed over into what is recognized as a collector car instead of just normal daily transportation.

The benefits of this venture are numerous. They range from public exposure of MWFC activities with the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiero Community within a larger view of the collector car hobby to liability protections for officers and members. The Region has appointed the following officers: President, Fred Bartemeyer (IA); Vice President, Kevin Lindeman (MN); Secretary, Ken Nagel (IL); Treasurer, John Holmes (IA); Social Media Director, Jason Fawley; Webmaster, Jeff Jones. A specific set of MWFC bylaws were drawn up and a board of directors were also elected to include: Jim Hallman (IL), Sadie Goad Kaminski (WI) and Lisa Thuerauf (IA).

We also strongly encourage every MAFOA & NEFA member to consider a family membership to the AACA. A family membership is only $40 and gets you many benefits including a free bi-monthly magazine filled with content about the art of collecting, a free monthly online magazine – “Speedster”, access to national car meets/tours and more! Visit for more information.

The MWFC currently maintains a website at ( and can be found on Facebook under “Midwest Fiero Clubs”. Please be sure to like this page and be an active contributor when you can.