2+2 Prototype will be at Heartland Show and Fierorama

Did you know they made a 4 seat Fiero?  GM built a number of extended wheelbase Fieros as they were studying the space frame technology.   Most of these were destroyed, but one of them was fully finished out as a show car and went on the 1986 Auto Show Circuit.  If you have been around the Fiero community for a while,  you will remember it from the 20th and 25th Anniversary Shows.   The car was part of the GM Heritage Collection until 2009 when it was auctioned off along with a number of other prototypes as part of GM’s bankruptcy.     It pretty much disappeared after that until 2 years ago when Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts Activity Director Jeff Jones saw it pop up on his Facebook news feed.  A friend was tagged in a picture someone took while doing an article on some of  the owners other cars.  This spring Jeff  wrote the owner to invite him to the 35th Anniversary Fiero show next summer and added a “PS any interest in selling”. The answer was  yes, so Jeff contacted Heartland Fiero Club’s Chairman Fred Bartemeyer Jr. , who owns a number of Fiero prototypes and factory experimentals and knows how to properly maintain these rare cars, and they purchased it.

This prototype will be at the upcoming Heartland Fiero’s Car Show September 2nd and at the 22nd Annual 22nd Annual Fierorama – where deuces are wild. Look for an upcoming article in FieroFocus magazine.

20th Annual Fierorama Weekend

Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts celebrated the 20th Annual Fierorama weekend in September. It was a fun weekend that saw over 73 Fieros take part in 3 days of fun.

The weather held off on Friday as a dozen or so Fieros cruised from the host hotel in St. Charles IL to a cruise night at The Lodge in nearby Wasco IL. Everyone enjoyed checking out the Fieros, and we enjoyed some good food. Congratulations to Robert Vogt from Greenville IL who won the Sponsors Award for the evening.

Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. In the morning we all gathered at the host hotel and cruised to a Cars and Coffee event at the IronGate Motor Condos in Naperville IL. The Motor Condos are still under construction, but their events are already attracting an eclectic mix of cars. After grabbing some coffee and donuts and showing off our Fieros, many of us stopped for lunch at a nearby Sonic Drive in where we filled up the parking lot.

After lunch we met once again at the host hotel and cruised thru the woods to the Air Classics Museum in Sugar Grove IL. The museum has a number of planes from different eras of flight as well as a large collection of aviation artifacts.

Saturday night it was time for the traditional Fierorama dinner at Gino’s East Pizza. After filling up, many people headed back to the host hotel lobby to continue good conversations.

Sunday was the big day. The 20th Annual Fierorama. A huge congrats to Jim Hallman who has overseen them all. The weather turned out perfect and the show was well attended. One of the fun features was a game sorting all the dash plaques for the previous 19 Fieroramas. Ray Dyerson was given a special award as the only person besides NIFE officers to have registered for all 20 Fieroramas. Congratulations to Scott Campbell and Nick DiMonte who won Best Modified and Best Stock respectively. We are looking forward to another 20 Jim, see everyone Sept 9th-11th 2016 for Fierorama 21!.