Pontiac Transportation Museum Brick Array

 Dear MWFC Club Representatives,

The Midwest Fiero Clubs (MWFC) continues to support the Pontiac Transportation Museum (PTM) in their goals of having Phase 1 open to the public in May of 2024. Over the course of the past few years, the MWFC has encouraged its members and the Fiero community to donate support through the PTM’s brick paver donation program. A copy of the original MWFC individual appeal to support the PTM’s Brick Paver Program from January 2021  is available here.

During the planning of the Fiero 40th Anniversary Celebration, there was awareness that the MWFC would marshall the resources to be able to support a large donation to the PTM through sponsoring a large brick array. The brick paver array will commemorate the hometown connection of the people who created the Fiero, the Fiero clubs and the Fiero community that supports our current hobby. The brick array proposed layout was introduced at the 40th Anniversary Celebration back in July 2023 with announcements, flyers and advertisements displayed and distributed throughout the celebration event.

The Midwest Fiero Clubs Region AACA has designed an engraved brick paver array that will grace the main front entrance walkway to the Pontiac Transportation Museum (PTM) during the future planned phase 2 and 3 during 2025/2026 of construction as a reflection of the Fiero community’s support of the PTM. As you can see by the proposed artist’s rendering, each club currently represented in the MWFC has their own brick paver engraved with their club’s logo and name. If your club would like to change the design of your club’s proposed brick design (see page 3), or modify the brick arrangement size for your club, please let us know. In the proposed brick layout, each club’s engraved logo brick is 8” x 8” and is equivalent to a $250.00 donation to the PTM. We are asking for your club’s financial support in making this project come to fruition by asking your club to make a minimum suggested donation of $250.00. As with the past promotions, our organization has never made a donation a mandatory requirement to participate in the MWFC. Rest assured that if the smaller clubs feel that the $250 is beyond their means, your club will still be included in the large overall brick array as members of the MWFC.

Some suggestions on how your club can raise the $250.00 minimum donation dollar amount is completely up to your club and may include: hold an auction of a Fiero related item, sell door prize tickets to a 50/50 raffle, or simply ask members for their financial support. If your fundraising efforts exceed the $250.00 minimum, the remaining funds will be applied to the funding for the remaining bricks to complete the full array as shown in the rendering below.

Once operational, the PTM is expected to have thousands of transportation enthusiasts walking through its doors on an annual basis for generations to come. Imagine each visitor visually experiencing the prominent support of the Pontiac Fiero community by means of our MWFC engraved brick paver array pattern as they enter the building’s main entrance. The MWFC is “Very Proud” to sponsor a permanent tribute to our passion as Pontiac Fiero enthusiasts.

As you roll out this fundraising program to your club members, should any of your individual members be interested in donating their own personalized brick(s), the costs are as follows:

a). 4”x8” engraved brick paver is available for a donation of $100.00 (ie. bricks represented in the proposed layout above as “Available – your name here”)

b). 8”x8” brick paver (this size is used for the MWFC array) is available for a donation of $250.00.

For either option, the individual selects their own wording that will be engraved on their brick paver. For additional details, click pontiactransportationmuseum.org/become-a-part-of-our-community/engraved-pavers

These individual bricks will be included as part of the MWFC full array (ie. bricks represented in the proposed layout as “Available – your name here”) if these bricks are purchased at this time.

 Should your club be burdened in raising the $250.00 minimum donation, please let me know as funds are available in the general dollar funds already collected to assist this purpose.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will be happy to answer them. All donations are fully tax deductible as the PTM is a 503c organization. Submit your club’s donation below or, checks made out to Fred Bartemeyer are accepted. Contact us for arrangements for payments by check. We will be in touch in the future for designs and additional information.

Please ensure that all payments are received by June 30, 2024. If we do not hear from your club by May 31, we will reach out with a reminder.

We look forward to hearing from your club with your thoughts about this brick array layout proposal. MWFC Board Member Jim Hallman will be corresponding with each club representative to confirm input about the final submittal of the brick array order to the PTM. Jim can be reached via email at jhallman@FieroFocus.com or please give him a call at 630-305-9806.


MWFC Board of Directors