After all the years and all the awards, (over 105) it’s time to give credit where credit is due! In the process of getting all the details in preparation of The Rattler, which includes a check list of all the necessary supplies and detailing before and at the show, the ‘crew chief’ will go over everything on the car: the engine compartment, the front compartment, wheels, tubs, interior and exterior that need attention. I will take care of the roll bar, fire bottle, under carriage, hotel reservations, food, fuel, show registration and any other necessary items for the trip.

This is a team effort, since we do the Midwest Fiero Clubs shows with our Fiero and can actually get all our bags packed in for up to a five-day trip! We have done this with our Fiero for 21 years and thoroughly enjoy meeting old and new friends in each state we travel to. I call her ‘the crew chief’ because of all the effort she has put into making each show a very pleasant experience. She is an expert detailer and could be actually be a judge if asked to do that. So… I pay tribute to my ‘crew chief’, wife and best friend of 60 years…Ann Schmidt, for being so helpful in making ‘The Rattler” the car that it is. We look forward to many more years in pursuing a passion that actually started in 1962 with our Jaguars, and hopefully we will continue to make more friends and be successful in other states as well!


About the Author: Tom is who the “Worlds Most Interesting Man” commercials are based on



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