GM Aero Rail

In the 1930’s and 1940’s General motors was one of the main players in the manufacturing of locomotives. They were good at it too. They were so go that they were one of the driving forces that caused the United States to switch from steam to diesel locomotives.

Chevrolet-Vert-A-Pac-1-720x340In the Early 70’s  in order to hold the cost down on the Chevy Vega, GM invented rail cars with sides that folded down like ramps. The Vegas were driven on, secured and, then the ramps were folded up and the car was transported on it’s nose! The original factory battery for the Vega had the fill caps on the top, back edge so when the car was stood up the battery acid would not leak out!

BN3_CBQ9911-Rcraig1The next great moment on GM railroading occurs this September 7th through the 9th, 2018 as the Illinois Fiero Enthusiast club hosts; Fierorama catches the Fiero train!
There are events planned all weekend long. Friday night we will head for a cruise night in Wasco, Illinois.
Saturday we will tour the Illinois Railway museum. This is one of the country’s finest rail museums and you will have an opportunity so see a number of locomotives built by General Motor’s EMD division like these two Burlington and Northern locomotives. You will have the opportunity to ride the rails as well as IRM normally has at least two trains operating each day on two different routs. After the museum visit we will return to the host hotel for the world famous Northern Illinois Fiero pizza party!

DSC_0065On Sunday will be the 23rd annual Fierorama show. It’s the last stop on the Midwest Fiero Club’s yearly show circuit. The show takes place at Pottawatomie Park in St. Charles, IL along the wooded banks of the Fox River.
Along with the other activities that take place that day we will be looking for the best display that features a train theme!

IMG_20180724_103151870_HDRGet working on this now! figure out how to display your Fiero with trains worked into the display!

Also revel in the fact that your Fiero was never stuffed into a railcar while standing on it’s nose!

For more information visit Fiero Focus.

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